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Pickup from the show, last night schleyed(~;
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Claude Monet, La maison à travers les roses, 1925
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Seahaven // Honey Bee (Live Video) [x]

3k ! nice !
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guess what I finally saw today
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Glow/Pale blog ☽
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Nothern paradise
by Daniel Kordan
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Capsize // I’ll Take The Blame


i love car rides so much that i actually get disappointed when we reach our destination

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Anonymous: moose-amore actually talks to alot of girls so dont think your something special. he's trying to get on covenfox aswell. dont even go there with him



Well if that’s true then I’ll take it into consideration. 

I’m sorry if some of my best friends are female

Always nice to have the facts set by some unnecessary anon

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Ranwuhu,Tibet by ar.hong on Flickr.
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A black spruce torching out on the Boundary fire, Fairbanks Alaska 2004.